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A Congolese artist, entrepreneur and co-founder of Bishikwabo Arts and Couture.

Born in Bukavu and raised in a Christian home with many siblings gifted with different talents, Daniel aspired to pursue studies abroad and to mature as seasoned artist to later go back to his homeland and contribute to his country building. He left the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2014 to attend college in US where he's graduated and now improving his talents and sharing his progress and growth with the world.

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Fashion Designer


A Congolese entrepreneur, fashion designer, and the founder of Bantu Kingdom Foundation based in Palmer, Alaska USA.

He was born during a time of civil war and grew up in Bukavu, South Kivu region, of the Democratic Republic of Congo. His introduction to fashion came from the training he received from his mother in the sewing shop attached to their home.

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  • Black Golden

    Urban street fashion week 2018 with the Congolese Sape style on a runway in uganda (Institutional fashion tour winner collection)

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  • White Kongo

    Collection representing a wealthy, beautiful, and innocent country but victim of political system and world corruption.

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  • Bantu Kingdome

    A collection that represents the beauty of African culture inspired by the royal garments in Bantu tribes.

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  • Anyoto

    Fusion and both Bantu and Alaskan cultures and styles in one collection representing the power and the covering of our identity, inspired by the leopard men of Congo.

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First year anniversary

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